nora brockstedt week (day 7)


finally it's your birthday and you turn 85 years old today. i wish you all the best - may health and happiness stay with you for several more decades!

personally i wish for a huge website in your honour - and a 'complete recordings' boxset with extensive liner notes. i'd gladly spend a huge amount of money on that.

and for all you out there here is one more song. it's also taken from the "tjejer" compilation and it's called "jag trodde" ("i thought"). as far as i know it's a swedish song and it's a little more rock'n'rolly.

nora brockstedt - jag trodde (1950s?)

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Karel hat gesagt…

Wonderful woman and singer!!! Nice to see somebody who love her songs :-)
Especially, if you dedicated the whole week to her! That's wonderful! :)